Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Immaterial - White Man's Hut 12"

It's quite possible that It's Immaterial had some of strangest pop music coming out of the UK during the early stages of the 80's, and this 12" dictates their odd brilliance. This early release from 1983 on the Eternal label showcases that this band is quite possibly looney, but in a very good way. These three strange pop gems are catchy hooks that rival the later release 'Driving Away From Home', but dissolve the made-for-radio innuendos. This is the first time I've seen this one floating about, taking into account my endless searches for their latter 12" release which is equally as eluding. I'd happily suggest this brief 3 songs of madness to you, and hope that you will walk away hooked as I was.

Track 1, White Man's Hut

Track 2, The Worm Turns

Track 3, Solid Piles Of Food

Grab track here, password-pwemb.blogspot.com

UK Eternal Records 1983, JF2T

Personal Rating 4/5

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