Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Northside - Shall We Take A Trip 12"

This is one of my favorite eps of the 'Madchester' era, and one any fan of this type of music should own. Fairly hard to find, over here in Canada especially, I had to grab mine off the interweb. Solid tracks on both side, though the anthem 'Shall We Take A Trip' will having you singing it's catchy phrase L.S.D. for sure. The album Chicken Rhythms is a great listen, though this title track is for sure the reason you should buy it, as it stands as the platinum among the gold. Take a listen, and let me know what you think!

Track 1,
Shall We Take A Trip

Track 2, Moody Places

Grab both tracks here,

UK Factory Records 1990, FAC268

Personal rating 4.75/5


tinywhite said...

Great blog mate! Love the idea and your passion for these bands, keep them coming!!!!

DaddyRich said...

Such a great selection - thanks a lot! One problem tho- are any other Mac users unable to open the files? I can usually open all .rar files w/out a problem but every once in a while this happens. Again, thanks for the music.

Dreamwave said...

if you can open a zip easier, I can do zips from now on.. let me know :)

jethro said...

Northside Wow! Thought it was only me that had heard of them.

.:C├ęsar:.™® said...

thanks. Northside is my fav band from the scene madchester. By the way, will you have the album "Chicken Rhythms & Extras"? since it is impossible to obtain this CD.