Saturday, April 29, 2006

Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun 12"

We all have those records in our collections that we cherish and call our favorites. Well, for me this is one of those. As I record this to post, I still get goose bumps when I hear it, yes it's that brilliant! I've had this one for (as my mum would say) a donkey's year. It got played/recorded and it's had it's route through the clubs when I used to spin. It was always a crowd favorite where I worked, and I'd imagine would still be today in some circles. I've not seen this one about anywhere else, maybe I'm lucky and got the only one! (hardly) So it must be scarce, by my opinion anyway. I've had the other version of this 12", and I think it's shite by comparison! This was by far their best release, followed closely by 'Loaded' (another party pleaser). Being produced and mixed by the brilliant Orb always helps, as well as an Andy Weatherall mix. By the way, kudos, you did a brilliant job! If you don't like this, well sod you, I still do! But I think if you listen to the deep sonic vibe of the 'American Spring Mix' you'll agree this is one for the record books. Oh, make sure you turn up your sub woofer nice and loud, you'll really piss of the neighbors!

Track 1, Higher Than The Sun (Produced By The Orb)

Track 2, Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix)

Grab the track here,

UK Creation Records 1991, CRE096T

Personal rating 5.5/5 (or sodding brilliant!)


DaddyRich said...

Thanks so much for the consideration, I appreciate the zip files. For whatever reason none of the first files you listed opened. Keep up the great work!

Dreamwave said...

Ok, well I'll redo them as zips, and resned them up for you. Check back in a day or so! :)