Monday, May 08, 2006

Chapterhouse - Rounderbout 2CD

As per request. Enjoy! Reposted, but will only be up for a short time, grab it now :)

Tracks are here for Disk 1,

Tracks are here for Disk 2,


tinywhite said...

Cheers mate! I owe you a pint!
I've just got through d/l this and will give it a listen tomorrow, you really rock.
BTW the global comm EP was posted at the forum, I did a search and found it buried (posted Jan 2006) It appears to be a compilation with different bands and chapterhouse contributing 2 songs something about epilson and gamma phases? If you have anything thats different, please post.
The only chapterhouse I may offer you in terms of "collectable" is a peel session, 4 tracks, not the best recording with some fading here and there and cut commentary before songs, track list is:
1. Something More
2. Treasure
3. Inside of Me
4. Falling Down
Let me know if you'd like it!

Dreamwave said...

Hrm, I think I actually have this recording somewhere, thought I'll have to check. The Chapterhouse vs Global Comm is basically Global Communication reinventing Chapterhouse songs. I'll have to post it one of these days, along with the Global Comm. CD I have.

Kon said...

Thanx a lot for "Rownderbowt"...
Has been looking for it since long time.

Kon said...

Do you possess by any chance any records of Blind Mr. Jones?

I am looking for three hard to find tracks below:

Fading Fast


Anonymous said...

Nuts nuts nuts...I wish I'd stumbled across your site in time to download this album. I'm a huge Chapterhouse fan and this 2CD set doubtlessly contains some rare tracks I've not heard. If you consider re-ups, I'd be grateful if you would do so in this case. Meanwhile, I'm off to listen to some of the other goodies you've provided us. Thanks for the great blog. G in Calgary

Dreamwave said...

I'll see if I can put this up for you again soon. I don't like listing full length albums for extended periods, as I don't want to suffer the wrath of the artist ;) It will be up for only a short time when I do.