Friday, December 01, 2006

Caesars - Jerk It Out 12"

If you're familiar with band formerly known as Caesars Palace, then you now know them as the Caesars. One of my favorite releases in the past few years, Paper Tigers is an amazing album. The headline track 'Jerk It Out' has been played on most indie/alternative stations, and has appeared in several TV ads. This 12" features remixes by Jason Nevins, and although they are catchy, they fail to capture the essence of this song. These would be decent tracks to play in a club, for some novice fans, but anyone who adored the LP like I did would probably not pay much attention. I'm not sure why they just didn't offer it as an extended version, or even just as an Ep with a few unreleased tracks... although some bands do well with a dancey remix of their tracks (see the Suede remix in previous posts), other like the Caesars should not be tampered with. That's my 2 cents worth, call it as you will. It'll still find a place in my collection, and get the occasional offhand play.

Track 1, Jerk It Out (Jason Nevins Extended Remix)

Track 2, Jerk It Out (Remix Instrumental Edit)

Track 3, Jerk It Out (Jason Nevins Jerk It Harder Club Mix)

Grab the tracks here!

US Astralwerks Records 2006, ASW32503

Personal rating 2.5/5

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redoalfo said...

very good maxi ,i like this sound.