Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Lightning Seeds - All I Want 12"

The Lightning Seeds were a lovely pop outfit which hailed from Liverpool England. Essentially this is a project of producer Ian Broudie, who had hands in bands such a The Wild Swans, The Primitves and Sleeper. The Lightning Seeds released a brilliant album called Cloudcuckooland, which was an aural masterpiece in UK pop. The track 'All I Want' was a beautiful track which headlined the album, and became one of my favorite pop ballads in the early 90's. The remix is decent, and should have gotten some club attention, though I think it was mostly ignored. The hidden gem here is the LP mix, which oddly only appears on SOME of the versions of Cloudcuckooland out there! I have a copy of this album on CD and LP, and both contain a different mix. The CD version is the one that appears on this 12", while my album (and most I've found) have a somewhat fluffy mix of the song. By fluffy, I mean that the parts that make this song so dreamy have been overmixed and gone a bit over the top. If you haven't heard this LP mix, or have the copy containing the 'fluffy' mix, then you're in for a treat. I suggest you check out this band, and anything Ian Broudie has touched. The man is a genius, and should get more recognition than he's gotten in the past.

Track 1, All I Want (Extended Mix)

Track 2, All I Want (LP Mix)

Track 3, Persuasion

Grab the tracks here!

US MCA Records 1990, MCA-24054

Personal rating 4.5/5

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yo :
i just found this blog & have linked you up at mine : i love , love ian broudie & the lightning seeds , anything rare stuff you can post by him/them, woudl be great !!?

very kewl blog , will check in often !

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