Monday, December 04, 2006

Vicious Pink - Take Me Now 12"

When you talk about sex appeal (and there wasn't really much of it) in the 80's, one band always jumps to mind. Vicious Pink were oozing with it, and it's so evident in this track 'Take Me Now'. The name of the track speaks for itself, and once you listen to those whispery vocals by Josephine Warden, I think you're hooked by her mesmerizing spell. I adore this song, and it was always a favorite to play back in the days when I used to spin tracks in clubs. The intro of the song with her moaning always gets me, and well.. hey I'm a guy.. just look at the cover damit! Vicious Pink had several notable singles, and a great album, but kind of fell into obscurity. Moss went onto other projects, but nothing was ever heard from Josephine again, sadly. The remix is here is amazing, and I'm sure anyone familiar with synthpop will love it already, or grow to. 'I Confess' is another great track, and I used to spin it from time to time, people would always ask me who the hell is this?!? It could easily have been another single all to it's own, given it was spruced up a touch.

Track 1, Take Me Now (Extended Version)

Track 2, I Confess

Track 3, Always Hoping

Grab the tracks here!

UK Parlophone Records 1986, 12PINK3

Personal rating 4.5/5


Brenda M. said...

Holy Cow!!! Dude, you just made my year! I have been trying to find Take Me Now forever!!!!

I used to have this on a tape of club music from nearly 20 years ago. I played it till it fell apart and I never thought to have it again. It is the best song ever!

Thank you so very much.

Anonymous said...

robartopoland.blogspot has the album posted (2/28/2007)!