Friday, February 09, 2007

Vis-A-Vis - Shadow Play 12"

If you weren't in the hub of music in the 80's, then you probably never heard of a small Canadian band called Vis-A-Vis. Though they sold quite well through Canada, The USA and Europe, they never really got more than a footnote in 80's music. Vis-A-Vis received a Casby Award for being the top new indie band, and had a few great releases in Heart And Soul and Shadow Play, but failed to materialize in the charts. This is band that could have gone further, but ended it in the summer of '87 after playing the CFNY 10th anniversary bash. The band sounds something like Strange Advance, but perhaps a little on the moodier side of the spectrum. This single was their big hit, and got considerable play on CFNY and Much Music here in Canada. I believe it also made it's way onto a few retro compilations including Retro Active. This is considered to be a scarce 12" around here in the Toronto area, and it took me ages to track down a copy. I did manage to find a shop that catered to CD customers, but had a few boxes of records in the basement of all places. I found several sealed copies of this 12" there, and as you can imagine that made my day. I hope you enjoy this one, it's one of my favorite not-so-much played song from that era.

Track 1, Shadow Play (Shadow Mix)

Track 2, Shadow Play

Track 3, Rocket's Glare

Canadian Somersault Records 1986, SOM 1204

Personal rating 4.5/5

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Anonymous said...

Have the record but no turntable for eons,so thanks to you I can now here it again.Used to work with the singer Rudy(singer) at the time.Mike