Monday, March 19, 2007

Seefeel - More Like Space

Upon first listen, it might be hard to peg actually where Seefeel actually pan out musically. Though I do suppose they would float somewhere happily between the ambient and shoegaze wavelengths of sound. They incorporate the very basics of the shoegazer world, adding lush beats and loops to create a lovely sphere of their own. Many bands in the early 90's did similar types of work (Slowdive, Chapterhouse), but often failed where Seefeel seem to garner much notoriety. They aren't the most magical band in the genre, but easily one of the more reliable if you will. You can happily find most material by them to be easily listenable, and more so find the odd excellent single. It's not a bad bet to grab any of their releases when you see them kicking about in local shops, then you can stuck in this lovely sphere known as Seefeel.

Track 1, More Like Space

Track 2, Time To Find Me (Come Inside)

Track 3, Come Alive

Track 4, Blue Easy Sleep

Grab the tracks here!

UK Too Pure Records 1993, PURE CD 20

Personal rating 3.5/5


Macedonian Babes said...

Thanks for all those interesting songs.

Jerry said...

Hi Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the down loads with the properly formated album art. It loaded perfectly into Itunes. Also thanks for the interesting new stuff! I was guess I missed the shoe gaze period and i'm digging most of what your uploading


Dreamwave said...

These last few work for you as they are from CD's, once the reno's in my house are done, I can back to vinyl.. and then you'll have the same problems I'm sad to say.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. am a fan of seefeel. the d/ls seem to be corrupted, the .zip files won't open. the new colors are really good [easy on the eyes].

Dreamwave said...

Remember that all the files you uploaded are password protected, and that password is part of the download link. I'm re-uploading the zip file (again), had a chance to listen to it all and they play fine here, so it must have been an upload glitch?

Anonymous said...

hey dreamweave
thought that i would let you know that this and the slowdive d/ls won't unpack - they are reported as being damaged archieves. at least on my mac.

tho' i think the site/postings/blurbs are great. and the new color and design scheme is cool.

marriage can make the man eh?

Dreamwave said...

Not sure what to say folks.. is everyone that's having troubles with these using a Mac? I've unpacked them find 9make sure you're using the password), and played them (again) and they play find. Only thing I can think of is that they are getting buggered up on their way to
Can anyone else comment on any problems they might be having with these mentioned uploads?

james said...

your site is PHENOMENAL and GODLIKE. thank you for having such perfect taste in music, (meaning just like mine).

i'm on PC and was able to download the first three songs but the fourth one didn't work with the password you gave us...


Dreamwave said...

OK, I'll reupload this one in the next few mins then.

Dreamwave said...

Should be fixed up now? Files have been re-zipped and re-uploaded