Monday, April 02, 2007

Bill Pritchard - Three Months, Three Weeks & Two Days

Another case of albums that flop, but become cultish in stature long after they've been deleted. Oddly enough, this is a brilliant album, but failed to capture any attention in his homeland England, only to sell everywhere else. Bill Pritchard has a knack for jangly songs that are as catchy as they are good. This whole album is utter brilliance from start to finish, so one has to wonder why it's one that didn't garner more attention. Now considered somewhat of a rarity, it sells for up to $50 on Ebay, proving the point that there still is a large degree of interest in this release. Funnily, I often thought of this album as sounding somewhere between The Lightning Seeds, and The Housemartins, so it's seems fitting that a later album Jolie was produced by Ian Broudie himself (go figure). This is an album you'll greatly enjoy, and should be on a LOT of top 100 albums of the UK lists.. sadly, it's been forgotten there, but thankfully other countries keep the faith. Please do yourself a favor, and find this in a local record shop. Hopefully the owner will not know what kind of gem they have.

Track 1, Tommy & Co

Track 2, Invisible State

Track 3, Sometimes

Track 4, Pillow Talk

Track 5, Cosy Evenings

Track 6, We Were Lovers

Track 7, Romance Sans Paroles

Track 8, Je N'Aime Que Toi

Track 9, Nineteen

Track 10, Kenneth Baker

Track 11, Better To Be Bitter

Canadian Nettwerk Records 1989, W2-055

Personal rating 5/5

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abramson said...

Kenneth Baker, a mean man thet inspired this great song so full of anger.