Monday, April 02, 2007

Inspiral Carpets - Cool As (Autographed Promo)

Another of my favorite Inspiral Carpets pieces is this radio promo entitled Cool As. This was actually a gift from the manager of the band, and brought back from the UK as a gift when I owned my shop. Obviously it's my favorite piece of Inspiral Carpets memorabilia, as it is fully autographed by the band. This Ep delivers the best of their singles, and a newer track (as of 2003) in 'Come Back Tomorrow'. If I could have any band reunite for a tour, this would be the one (well, Slowdive would be in there too, but I've seen them several times). If you're new to Inspiral Carpets, this will deliver a good dose of what to expect from them, and send you rushing to buy their releases in shops (at least I hope so).

Track 1, Come Back Tomorrow

Track 2, This Is How It Feels

Track 3, Saturn 5

Track 4, Dragging Me Down

Track 5, I Want You

UK Mute Records 2003, DUNG30RCD

Personal rating 5/5


explodingboy said...

Great blog.

As you say you'd love to see them reform you should know that they've just finished a tour in the UK.... Also they have a new online only compilation out there...

Dreamwave said...

Tell 'em to come to Canada then ;)