Friday, May 04, 2007

The Bluetones - Slight Return

If you happened to listen to the debut album Expecting To Fly by The Bluetones, then you were probably wooed by the brilliant and catchy 60's-esque tracks within. The album, though not exactly groundbreaking, it was a great listen, and still retains that quality today. Though their next release, Return To The Last Chance Saloon kind of killed that rush for me. This EP will showcase vibrancy which was The Bluetones in their earlier stages, and showcase just how good they really were. I'm not sure they really got the attention they deserved at the time, but then, the music reviewers and listeners were a bit harsh at that time. In any case, this should prompt you to perhaps renew some interest in the band, and perhaps forgo the urge to ignore them if you see them in a shop!

Track 1, Slight Return

Track 2, Don't Stand Me Down

Track 3, Nae Hair On't

Grab the tracks here!

UK Paradox Records 1996, BLUE 003CD

Personal rating 3.5/5


Ant said...

Excellent blog keep it up.

Ant UK

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, have the 7 inch of Are You Blue Or Are You Blind, early bluetones were great.
Keep up the good work


biffbangpow said...

very cool blog,
i think the bluetones could have been as big as the stone roses and slight return is one of their best songs, their debut album was great but i didn't like very much "last chance saloon".