Monday, May 28, 2007

Opus III - It's A Fine Day

Opus III were a short lived, yet remarkable sounding ambient house act that popped up in the early 90's. With the beautiful Kirsty Hawkshaw, who added the ethereal vocals with the house sound that had become affluent in the UK at the time. With Opus III adding one particularly great track to a music scene already brimming with the likes of The Orb, Orbital and 808 State, Opus III were poised to become one of the premier artists. Alas, the follow up release in Guru Mother, was quite a lackluster affair, and the band faded into obscurity. What we were left with was this lovely single, which includes two great singles 'Its A Fine Day' and 'Evolution Rush'. The whole album Mind Fruit was a well regarded album, and is still of notoriety today. It still occasionally finds it's way onto my player from time to time, and gets the deserved appreciation. One thing that always bugged me during this period was the Orbital track 'Halcyon + On + On', and the fact that the female samples sure sounds a lot like Kirsty Hawshaws vocals on 'Its A Fine Day' played backwards. After many years of guessing, I just now discovered that Kirsty Hawkshaw did lend a hand on this Orbital album, and now the case is closed.

Track 1, It's A Fine Day

Track 2, Evolution Rush

Grab the tracks here!

UK PWL Records 1992, PWLT 215

Personal rating 4/5


M said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Dreamwave said...

you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome! :)

KiDG said...

One of the recent issues of MOJO did a short article on this track, so this is pretty timely. Thanks, mate!

cnow77 said...

You've got a great blog here. I enjoy it a lot. I have a question/ request. After reading your profile and seeing you're from Hamilton, I think you may be one of the few people in the world who may have heard of a band called KINETIC IDEALS. I have 3 of their vinyl Eps but I don't have a record player and I was wondering if you had any of their stuff digitised.

Keep up the great work and thanks.

Dreamwave said...

I actually don't. If you live in the area, I can gladly tranfer them for you. Catch is, I'm moving at months end, so it has to be rather soon. My email is in my profile if you want to write driect.

Anonymous said...

As the original version of this song was an a-capella-single by Jane (of Marine Girls-fame),I always thought that Opus III just sampled it.Obviously I was wrong. Seems we learn a new fact every day. Thanks for your great work.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

8...) thanX