Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spirit Of The West - Save This House

Time to enjoy a Canadian legend in rock history. This is just my personal opinion, but I must say now that Spirit Of The West were the best band to come out of the great white north. If you say Rush (ha ha) or The Tragically Hip (decent, but nowhere near as good), then perhaps you need to dig down into the roots of Canadian rock, and discover how deep they go. If you were not privileged enough to see the band when they toured, then you REALLY missed a show. I have seen many bands over my 36 years on this planet, and have never seen anything that quite emulates the energy and talent live that Spirit Of The West have. I think, in total, I've seen them 6 times, and each time being as enjoyable and riveting as the last. This is a humble band whom shows a glowing warmth and pride around their native land, and embraces their fans and goes all out to deliver the best show they can, each and every time. Perhaps their works are more geared towards the drunkards in the world, and is that such a bad thing? Rejoice ye Scots and Irishmen, this stuff is right up your alley! Several of these songs have become cult classics here in Canada, and despite where you are in this vast land, the songs will always stir jubilation and more ale to flow. A few songs to look for on this glorious album are, 'Save This House', 'The Old Sod', and the glorious anthem in ale 'Home For A Rest'. Be warned, this album may induce intoxication!

Track 1, Save This House

Track 2, Home For A Rest

Track 3, Last To Know

Track 4, Roadside Attraction

Track 5, Dirty Pool

Track 6, Not Just A Train

Track 7, (Putting Up With) The Joneses

Track 8, Turned Out Lies

Track 9, Sentimental Side

Track 10, Water In The Well

Track 11, Wrecking Ball

Track 12, Loaded Minds

Track 13, Swingin' Single

Track 14, The Old Sod

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian WEA Records 1990, CHD 70971

Personal rating 5/5


harleytexas said...

great blog, I've got some of the same stuff that you have. I lived in Hamilton until I was 35 and now live in Texas. I've seen this band only by being forced to go, never had to pay for the 3-4 times I saw them. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...