Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bent - The Everlasting Blink

This will be my last post for a week or so, and what better way to send me off into the chaos which is moving! This phenomenal album should keep you salivating until I return to post even better goodies for you. Easily a favorite in the last few years, it has gotten it's much deserved attention on my CD player, I assume they've become quite acquainted with each other by this time. If you're not familiar with Bent, then this is a golden opportunity to download this gorgeous album, and become a fan as I have. There's nothing 'fluffy' here, just solid music all the way around. Perhaps not the easiest disc to find in most shops, it took me ages to track down a copy over here! Perhaps across the pond might be a little easier ;) See you in a few week! Peace!

Track 1, King Wisp

Track 2, An Ordinary Day

Track 3, Strictly Bongo

Track 4, Beautiful Otherness

Track 5, Moonbeams

Track 6, So Long Without You

Track 7, Exercise 3

Track 8, Stay The Same

Track 9, Magic Love

Track 10, The Everlasting Blink

Track 11, Thick Ear

UK Guidance Recording 2003, 614

Personal rating 5/5


Anonymous said...

best regards!

Melissa said...

Thank you, I've been looking for this all over the web.

You have made my day ;)

Now searching for Progammed to Love...

Melissa said...

Thank you, I have been looking for this all over the web.

You have made my day!

Now searching for "Programmed to Love"...