Friday, June 22, 2007

Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters

Now that Coldplay is an everday name in the music industry, and perhaps a little overplayed on every radio station from 'light rock' to alternative stations, we can take a look back at what the earlier stages of the band sounded like. This EP demonstrates what was to come, albeit a little unpolished on the vocals and a tad rough musically, the gems were there ready to sparkle. I consider these mere demo tracks in what will no doubt be a long career for these blokes, and something that should merely be taken as such. If you're looking for the perfection you've come to expect on their future albums, Parachutes and A Rush of Blood To The Head, then you won't find it here. What you will find is a window which will slowly etch them into the European market, and later the US and Canada. Perhaps the only difference is having a good producer to help out and clean up the rough edges, or perhaps the band just figured out the math on their own. In any case, Coldplay are here to stay, love them or hate them, and they will rival Oasis for top super group from the UK.

Track 1, Brothers & Sisters

Track 2, Easy To Please

Track 3, Only Superstition

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UK Fierce Panda Records 1999, 68

Personal rating 3/5

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