Friday, December 28, 2007

Ecstasy Of St Theresa - Susurrate

Ecstasy Of St Theresa are a great band that pretty much sound like My Bloody Valentine. It's not a bad thing to be a clone, in this case, they actually do a great job at it. The music is in essence a 'harder version' of MBV, giving you chords that will rattle your spine. It's kind of reminiscent of something you'd hear from the 'You Made Me Realize' spectrum. It's not altogether bad, just not entirely creative. They do afford you the chance to see how this sound was perceived in a small European country known as the Czech Republic. For all it's worth, it's not a terrible album, perhaps I'm making it sound that way.. it is a full disc worth of fuzz n' drone, and if that's what you're in the mood for, this is perfect! Thankfully these folks toned down the noise a tad, and added a more ambient feel to their tunes. Does it capture the same raw buzz that this album does? No. Will your ear drums like you better in the morning? Yes.

Track 1, Pistaccio Places

Track 2, Swoony

Track 3, Toalison

Track 4, Icecream Star

Track 5, Sweetabyss

Track 6, Thorn In Y'r Grip

Track 7, Seven

Track 8, Absinth

Grab the tracks here!

US Claire Records 1999

Personal rating 3/5


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! thankyou kindly for this, loved ride, MBV and all the usual suspects back in the day, but always had a soft spot for these guys, as you correctly point out they weren't exactly from near Oxford! great blog, if you ever come across their first album, think it was their best, though haven't heard in years
john h, England

ScienceFriction said...

I wasn't quite sure where to leave this comment, but, I'll give it a go. This is a great blog, and I've found some great stuff on here. Do you by chance have the song Satisfied by The Other Two? It's from the US 12" release of Innocence from their debut LP, The Other Two & You. Cheers.

Dreamwave said...

The Other Two, hrm.. oddly enough I've never seen much of their stuff over here.. If memory serves me correct, that it the 'others' from New Order correct? I know I confused them once with 'The Other Ones', and they were a tad awful.. If I happen to come across it, I'll grab it for myself and for you pleasure also :)

sciencefriction said...

You're right, they were the "other two" from New Order. Their singles were pretty good, not the best with titles (Tasty Fish), but good. I believe Satisfied is there only non-album/remix b-side. Thanks for the responce!

Mississauga Stew said...


And all the best in '08, Man!

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