Saturday, September 08, 2012

For all those who wish to keep up on my meddling with mixes, you can grab them from a new site where I chose to go the podcast route.  This site enables me to play live 'internet radio sessions', which I plan to work on over the next little while.  The mixes I was posting are available for listening and downloading through this site:

I have 8 sessions up there now and growing.  Have a listen, keep in touch, enjoy the chunes.

On the vinyl front.. I have had (another) child, a baby boy (Hadrian).  This will set back releasing the turntable from it's hellish storage, and prevent me from getting back to enjoying all this bloody vinyl I keep buying.  Trust me when I say it's a sad thing to have all this vinyl you cannot play.. torture even.  When I do get back to this, I'll be sequestered for a year just catching up playing it all...


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