Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Primitives - Thru The Flowers 12"

I picked this (and many) Primitives 12" eps from a collector on the web, as being a crazy collector myself had to own every single thing they put out! The lucky thing about this collection was that every-single-one-was-autographed! (gloat) Since I love this band so much, I figured I'd share a few of their releases here, in an attempt to share some of the rarer one, and to give people who may have not heard them before an appreciation for the band, as they truly are stellar! Although I do love the title track 'Thru The Flowers', I must say that the second song 'Everything Shining Bright' is one of my favorite tracks by the band. Being from earlier in their career, they still have the Jesus & Mary Chain "fuzz" sound that I grew to love, and later on excused them for dropping in leu of tradition pop songs like 'Crash'. This is an amazing ep, and I highly suggest you give it a listen, even if you don't really know too much about the band. For fans of J&MC, please don't expect the same level of 'screech' that you might find on say Psycho Candy, but I'm sure you'll appreciate where this band came from, and eventually evolved into. In the end, it'a what you like, and I'm sure you can tell me on here what you decide!

Track 1, Thru The Flowers

Track 2, Everything Shining Bright

Track 3, Across My Shoulder

Grab the tracks here,

UK Lazy Records 1987, LAZY06T

Personal rating 4.98/5

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