Thursday, May 11, 2006

China Crisis - Christian 12"

Number 5 on my top 10 songs of the 80's list is a lovely pop songs by a band whom I loved very much in the early 80's. China Crisis were a brilliant band who have many songs which would qualify for being some of my favorite tracks. Although when I think of my favorite release of theirs, the 'Christian' ep rates as their best in my books. The fragile ballad 'Christian' is a haunting masterpiece, and still gets a regular play on the table. Not only is is a fabulous single, but the flips songs, 'Greenacre Bay' and 'Performing Seals', are quality songs to make this an ep I will continue to enjoy for many years. China Crisis has become one of my staple band, along with OMD over the years, and I can honestly say these two are still among my favorite artists. Despite my musical tastes shifting more towards the 'shoegaze' spectrum slightly, I still thoroughly enjoy a good dose of early OMD or China Crisis. I think this single is one of their overlooked releases, given that 'African & White', and later releases 'Highest High' and 'King In Catholic Style' were more their mainstay. I think this is a brilliant release, and deserves all the hype of any of their best singles.

Track 1, Christian

Track 2, Greenacre Bay

Track 3, Performing Seals

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UK Virgin Records 1982, VS562-12

Personal rating 5/5

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