Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pale Saints - Fine Friend 12"

Probably one of the more underrated bands of the early 90's 'shoegazer' scene, but in my opinion one of the most amazing. Usually comparable to bands like Ride and My Bloody Valentine, they create a lustry wall of guitar noise, often backed with beautifully haunting lyrics. In the case of 'Fine Friend', however, they drop the tempo to an almost Mazzy Star-like style. 'Fine Friend' is both a beautifully and haunting track, and among my favorites of this band, and this genre. If I were to have listed my top songs of the mid 90's, this would be in the definite top 10. The two other tracks on this ep are solid, and 'Marimba' is a lovely tune, despite being hummed the way through, and 'Reprise' is a lovely stripped-down synth sample of 'Fine Friend'. All in all, I'd say this is my favorite work by the band, although their other releases are quite stunning also. I'd suggest all their albums and eps to any fan of shoegaze, or mid 90's britrock.

Track 1, Fine Friend

Track 2, Special Present

Track 3, Marimba

Track 4, Fine Friend (Reprise)

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UK 4AD Records, 1994. BAD 4013

Personal rating 4/5

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'Thought & Humor' said...

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Jason X said...

Wow, did somebody read the thesaurus today? LOL Well you do have a nice blog. Cool tunes. Keep it up!

[///] said...

Pale Saints are nice indeed ;) Thanks!