Monday, May 01, 2006

Ride - Twisterella 12"

I've been itching to post some shoegaze vinyl here, and tonight I think I might start a trend in my posts. What better band to start with than Ride, which happens to be one of my favorites! I picked this 12" over the rest (for now), as I love the song 'Twisterella', but moreso love the flip tune 'Howard Hughes'. This song for some reason always reminds me of the 'Only Now' off the album Carnival Of Light. I really hated that album at first listen, but I must say that I've been playing it to death lately. The title track appears on the glorious Going Blank Again, and the remaining track could well have, as they're all quality material. Give the 12" a listen, and go buy it would you! This is one you could use having in your collection for sure.

Track 1, Twisterella

Track 2, Going Blank Again

Track 3, Howard Hughes

Track 4, Stampede

Grab the tracks here,

UK Creation Records 1992, CRE 150T

Personal rating 4/5

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tinywhite said...

Another excellent post! This is like a party at a friends house whos in on all the latest alternative music, albeit sometime during the 80's!!!! Ha ha!
Thanks Again!!

rogerio said...

Great band.. please..replace the link...

Dreamwave said...