Thursday, May 11, 2006

Simple Minds - I Travel 12"

Number 3 on my list may have some people wondering why I have this rather than so many other great Simple Minds songs. The answer is a simple one, the song 'I Travel' is not the reason this ep is here :) Although 'I Travel' is an excellent song, the real reason to pick this 12" up is for the VERY COOL extended version of 'New Gold Dream' which appears ONLY on the German version of this 12". Every other version of this release has different songs. It's a very hard one to come by, just look at mine! The only time I could find it, some wanker used it as a doodle pad!!! If you find this kicking around, grab it, it's highly worth the investment to own! You might not have heard the extended version of 'New gold Dream' before, but if you're at all familiar with the album version, on the album New Gold Dream 81,82,83,84 (confused yet?), then you will surely notice this version is much longer. There are many variations on the vocals, and in all I think it's about a minute longer, though I have never really timed it. I've heard it played a few times on the Toronto station CFNY back in the day, and when they dusted it off from their archives, it was always a treat. This stands to be one of my favorite 80's remixes of all time, but as number 3 on my list :)

Track 1, I Travel

Track 2, Film Theme

Track 3, New Gold Dream (Extended)

Grab the tracks here,

German Virgin Records 1983, 600-796-213

Personal rating 5/5

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Nathan said...

I love this song!

I haven't hear I Travel for since I was about 15 (20 years ago) and it still sounds great