Sunday, June 04, 2006

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart 12"

This could have been anywhere on my list, and it gave me hell to figure out where all these tracks went in order. I probably could rewrite this list in a few weeks and some of these songs won't even be there, or some in a higher order! It doesn't really matter, these are just the songs I wanted to share with you at the time, and this one SHOULD have been a lot earlier in the list in retrospect!!! (oops) What a monstrous classic this is, and if you know jack squat about the 80's, then you MUST have heard this song, or know the influence Joy Divison and New Order had on music. This song alone is an anthem to the 80's, and should be played daily in homage. All the "what could have been's", and "what if's" with the death of Ian Curtis, forever etching his name in musical history and thrusting New Order into stardom. Would Joy Division ever aspire to New Order's greatness? You tell me, despite them being one of my favorite artists (period), I'm not sure Ian would have sent the band to the spires in which New Order soars. This 12" is one you should own, and it should be tenderly played every few weeks to pay homage to Ian Curtis! Beautiful song, beautiful artwork, legendary.

Track 1, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Track 2, These Times

Track 3, Love Will Tear Us Apart (Original)

Grab the tracks here,

Canadian Factory Records 1980, FACX II-XII

Personal rating 12/5


salcam said...

yep yep yep, good choice. Perfect addition/reallocation.

many thanks!

salcam said...
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Rick said...

The B-side is called: "These Days" and not These Times.

dugg said...

was these ever a more beautiful song?