Sunday, June 04, 2006

Suede - Everything Will Flow 12"

Being a huge Suede fan, I generally try to get what I can of theirs on vinyl (and in Canada that is a hard task!). Without really looking, I picked up this 12", took it home and flipped in on the table... and went "What the &$#@!?". Little did I know, this was a remix 12", and had Trance remixes of the song 'Everything Will Flow'. I put it on my shelf and didn't touch it for ages, as the first half minute or so seemed like an endless dribbling beat (yuck). I must now confess I do like trance, and have many a compilation with the same songs remixed and reshuffled into a cd. So now I found myself actually pulling this 12" back out and giving it a second chance at life (other than getting 10 cents on the dollar for a trade in). I must say I really dig this song, it's quite catchy! I'm playing it and find my fiance shuffling her butt through the room while cleaning, see she likes it too. Then she asks, "Who is that?", and I say Suede, and she says "Huh?". You get the idea :) Give this track a listen, on one of those off chanced you like to move your hiney in a club, this might actually get you going, or at least get you 'significant other' cleaning the apartment!

Track 1, Everything Will Flow (Rollo's Vocal Mix)

Grab the track here,

US Columbia Records 1999, 44-79310

Personal rating 3.5/5

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