Monday, July 17, 2006

Lack Of Posts...

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten about you! I'm getting married on Oct 7th, and preparations for the wedding are taking most of my 'extra' time these days. If you've been married, you know what I mean, if you aren't yet.. you'll know soon enough what I mean :) I have some new listings to put up, and once I find the time (hopefully in the next few days) I'll have them up for you! Keep checking back, and you'll eventually get some cool new tunes to listen to :) Please also let me know what you have thought of my previous selections, and even my top ten listing. Any comments you make will help to determine what people are looking for, and what other items I can put up for you. I have a lot of music, and can probably accommodate many requests if you ask for something! Hope you are enjoying these pages, and hope to hear from you in the near future.


redoalfo said...

congratulations and thank you very much by your time and your music, you are great friend

tinywhite said...

yes, congratulations, hope your mrs is into music as much as you are! Maybe she can help you post more often ha ha! (just kidding)
Anyway about feedback: I wouldnt change a thing: you're doing this mainly for yourself (we just benefit) hopefully you enjoy this, so dont make it "work". I have already made a request and you've come through, another big thanks. So I'm reluctant to ask for more, but if you need some direction, heres what I suggest:
12 inchers/ ep's by:
The Beat, General Public, Ranking Roger, Dave Wakeling
4AD stuff
xtc (any and all of the fuzzy warbles volumes)
thats it!
I'm not really expecting any of this to be posted just giving you feedback, oh and I like your "top ten" list but I would have only included the Joy Division Ep on my list.
Anyone know what happened to Stevos blog??? Hope he'll return!

salcam said...

congrats! terrific news. Best of everything to you and your bride-to-be!

I'm really enjoying the selections - esp. the top 10. Fantastic to hear some of the more obscure stuff versus the 80's radio pap they play locally.


Kon1 said...

Congratulations with the wedding.
Thanx again for the great posts :-)

happy said...

I think the songs you post are great. I am an 80's fan of alternative music. The one song I was wondering if you have is " Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Toby Swann. My brother-in-law has it but poor quality on a 45. It seems very rare. Also he has a rare French version of " Say Hello Wave Goodbye " by Marc Almond. I truly love the horns in this song.

Thanks so much

Dreamwave said...

Hi there.

I do in fact have this song, and the full length album. It is a rather scarce item even in the Toronto area! FYI, Toby Swan used to be a part of a band called "The Battered Wives" who renamed to just "Battered Wives" for obvious reasons. I'll add it to my LONG que of things to post.