Thursday, July 20, 2006

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood (Gestalt Mix) 12"

I figured it was about time I got back to posting, and this gem should have gotten in there somewhere already. So many records, so many choices! If you aren't familiar with this variation of the classic Killing Joke song 'Love Like Blood', then you should give this a listen. The mix is quite different than what appears on the normal 12", and what appears on the many Hardest Hits type compilations that are out there. This is a fairly hard 12" to find, even the normal variation with the picture cover is somewhat scarce! Luckily I have connections, and spend a lot of time in record shows and shops :) And I must give credit here, I also have a very understanding wife-to-be, who hopefully will show me the same level of tolerance in my record addiction once we tie the knot! (no she is not forcing me to write this). Hope you enjoy this one, and if you see it kicking about somwehere, please buy it!

Track 1, Love Like Blood (Gestalt Mix)

Track 2, Blue Feather (Version)

Grab the tracks here,

UK EG Records 1985 EGOY 20

Personal rating 4/5


Mario said...


I've been accessing your blog for the past weeks and really have been happy and thankful with the singles, albums or EPs you post. Most of the stuff is really hard to get on vinyl so I have to resort to downloading while still in search of titles from my growing "Forever Want List". Anyway, this is my first encounter with a Gestalt Mix of Love Like Blood. Hope you can repost this as the link may have expired. Again, thanks for the music :-)

Dreamwave said...

Hi Mario

Thanks for your note. I just checked the link, and it's still active.. these should never again go dead as the server I'm hosting through keeps them active with this account. Try again and let me know if it works.

Mario said...

Yes, the link is still active. Great mix. Good you were able to get a copy.