Friday, July 21, 2006

Spirea X - Chlorine Dream 12"

Another sad story of a brilliant band that (for whatever reason) didn't make the cut in the UK charts. Spirea X were remarkable in my opinion, but only released 2 singles and one full length album. They then faded into obscurity, being snubbed by both press and consumers. The sad part is they could have been brilliant addition to the indie scene in the UK, but now we'll just know them as a flicker. One would think a band fronted by Primal Scream member Jim Beattie would have SOME influence on sales?! 'Chlorine Dream' is a beautiful song, dripped in the 60's style of The Byrds, and a little Ride and Boo Radleys thrown in the mix for good measure. The single is brilliant, though the flips aren't so hot. Fireblade Skies was a great release, and should not have been snubbed the way it was, but then not everyone can make it big I guess. Give it a listen, and if you like what you hear check out the band Adventures In Stereo, as that's eventually what become of the bulk of the group.

Track 1, Chlorine Dream

Track 2, Spirea Rising

Track 3, Risk

Grab the tracks here!

UK 4AD Records, 1991. BAD 1004

Personal rating 3.5/5

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