Friday, July 21, 2006

PWEI vs On-U Sound - Bulletproof (Remix) 12"

I recently picked this up, along with the scarce picture disc 12" of the regular release of 'Bulletproof'. It's easily one of my favorite PWEI songs. They've taken these two versions, remixed the heck out of them. Side one is an echoed version of the original 12" version, but they took out the catchy piano parts that made the song so good. Side two is like a Meat Beat Manifesto-like reggaethon. It's a bit on the odd side, but figured I'd throw this up for any diehard PWEI fans out there. Not exactly my favorite renditions of the song, but the first side isn't bad really. Guessing I'll get the impression by what comments you leave on what you think :)

Track 1, Bulletproof (Mile High Mix)

Track 2, Bulletproof (No Half Measures Mix)

Grab the tracks here!

UK RCA Records 1992, 74321 11014-1

Personal rating 2/5

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