Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coming Soon!

Firstly, sorry AGAIN for not posting much these past few weeks! I've been fairly busy, and do have some things coming up here probably tomorrow for you! Some stuff to look for: Curve, Trisome 21, General Public, The Mission UK, Secession and a pile more! I do need some help from you folks though... Using Rapidshare is really pissing me off!!!! I do more work keeping these links alive than anything else these days, and need to find another 'free' webhosting service that I can share these files to you through. If you know of one that's reliable, please drop me a line here, and a quick note about it. I am getting extremely frustrated the way the links on Rapidshare expire, and it's causing so much 'extra' attention to keep resubmitting them over and over... Any suggestions are much appreciated!


redoalfo said...

happy married and thanks for your music. 250M 500M 300M 70 M

redoalfo said...

any question more for rapidshare dont erase your uploads :

1-make double folder
2-to put pass
3-not to put names evident

bad example:


god example:

rapidshare/dvi.rar รณ

never erase this form.

abramson said...

If you're happy paying about 30$ for a year try
I've been using them since february this year and have little reason to complain.
Anyway I agree with you regarding Rapidshare and other such services which are really a pain in the butt as they are not compatible with my download manager.