Thursday, September 07, 2006

Furniture - Brilliant Mind 12"

Another instance of a band that appeared to be on the brink of greatness, but were marred with label problems and court battles. Furniture scored a UK top 25 hit with this track 'Brilliant Mind' on the Stiff label, but subsequent releases on ZTT and Arista left the group a world away from the limelight. A beautiful, and somewhat overlooked, song that did manage to garner some attention with it's release on the 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' soundtrack. Too bad these folks didn't manage to make a bigger dent in music, as what I've heard is fabulous. This 12" is rather hard to find, and took me ages to track down. In the ongoing saga of collecting records, I endeavor to find a better copy for my 'must have archive quality' vinyl, but is sufficient for the time being. I hope you enjoy this, as it's not one you will find around readily.

Track 1, Brilliant Mind (Extended Mix)

Track 2, Brilliant Mind (7" version)

Track 3, On A Bus With Peter Nero

Grab the tracks here!

UK Survival Records 1986, SURT 53

Personal rating 4/5


alewendt said...

Thanks for posting this. Love this song since it came out, but never managed to find the 12 Inch.

Anonymous said...

I've looked all over for this. I can't believe I've found it. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I too want to say thank you. I first heard this song the year it was released as a new music release on CBC late night radio catering to new alternative music and fell in love with it. I have since been searching for any of their albums, and more specifically, this extended version without success until now. Thank you again

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be anal, but they didn't release anything with ZTT. When ZTT bought out Stiff, Furniture became embroiled in an extended legal battle with them which meant they couldn't release anything for about 3 years.

Thanks for posting this. A criminally underrated band of breathtaking brilliance (although I have to confess that "Brilliant Mind" is one of my least favourite songs of theirs).