Monday, September 11, 2006

Echo & The Bunnymen - Never Stop Discotheque 12"

I feel like I should have posted more by Echo & The Bunnymen in the past, but I hope to make up for it somewhat in the next little while! So many bands, so little time! A classic release with an excellent original version of 'The Cutter' as a flipside. I've had several requests for Echo & The Bunnymen in the past little while, along with Ian's solo stuff, and I hope this makes some of you a bit happier with my postings. Somewhat had to find, though can be grabbed for a mere $10-$15 at shows or online. Personally, it's not my FAVORITE Bunnymen release, but it's one of a long line of them to come, and not one you see everyday! I could have posted the 'Killing Moon' ep, but figured most people have this in one form or another, and I probably will at some point anyway! I'll list a few more of their harder to find eps in the next little while, for now you can enjoy this one!

Track 1, Never Stop (Discotheque)

Track 2, Heads Will Roll (Summer Version)

Track 3, The Cutter (Original)

Grab the tracks here!

UK Korova Records 1983, KOW 28T

Personal rating 3.5/5

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