Friday, September 08, 2006


Just an update: All expired links are now being fixed, so feel free to have a look back in time :) If something still doesn't work, drop me a line here.


Micky67 said...

hey coloursfly,

love your site!!!!!

let's link up and tip each other off on good bands!!!

Micky67 said...

i also think its worth mentioning that i used to live in Toronto for 6 months, I lived on college and bathurst and loved the music scene there. Sneaky Dee's, Cloak and Dagger and Timeless were my favourite haunts.

Im coming back for a week in October for a holiday!!

Dreamwave said...

you might want to check out Mojave 3 while you're there, they're playing at The Mod Club Theatre on Oct 16th. :)

Micky67 said...

Thanks for the link up and keep up the good work on this site

Enjoyed our chat on soulseek and if im in Toronto ill go see Mojave 3