Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Mondays - Forty Five 12" EP

Most people know the Happy Mondays from their early 90's releases 'Wrote For Luck' and 'Step On', but some of you might not know their release from way back in 1985! Yes, this is a less 'Madchester' type of sound, and is more skirting that of say, Southern Death Cult meets Gene Loves Jezebel. Totally cool stuff that must be heard to appreciate which road these blokes turned. If you're looking for Shaun Ryder's yelping vocals here, you'll be surprised to hear them coming out a little clearer and more punkish... Perhaps the drugs haven't kicked in yet! Not an easy one to find, and have fun doing so! One of the gems I found while sneaking off record hunting on my honeymoon! If you have a chance to visit Halifax Nova Scotia, please check out this awesome record shop called Select Sounds. It is totally packed with goodies, and I could have easily spent my bankroll there (if I'd had one at the time).

Track 1, Delightful

Track 2, This Feeling

Track 3, Oasis

Grab the tracks here!

UK Factory Records, 1985

Personal rating 4/5


redoalfo said...

thanks for this maxi.hello by redo.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff!!!I was looking for this for years...I'm amazed - Shaun really CAN sing!Cheers!hi from Karlo