Monday, October 23, 2006

Shamen - Show Of Strength EP

It took a long time to finally track down a copy of this 12", but here it is! I had this Shamen ep on CD for ages, but it's one of those things that just disappeared! I must be David Copperfield with music or something, as a lot of my collection has vanished over the years... (if you *cough* borrowed it, give it back!) Not very easy to find obviously, but well worth the wait. A limited clear vinyl pressing with 2 amazing remix dubs, and some of the most pounding Shamen you'll hear. I'd highly suggest you check this out for the 'Make It Mine' dub by the Beatmaster, and the variation of 'Possible Worlds'. The Moby dub kind of stinks in my opinion, but that'll be up to your tastes to decide. If you see it kicking about, I'd suggest it fully! Now that I have my copy, I'll be searching for a better one.. there's a bit of an irritaing swish on the first track.

Track 1, Make It Mine (Beatmasters 12" Dub)

Track 2, Comin' On (Beatmasters 12" Dub)

Track 3, Make It Mine (Moby's Dub)

Track 4, Possible Worlds (Deep PSI Mix)

Grab the tracks here!

Personal rating 5/5

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