Monday, November 27, 2006

The Fountainhead - Rhythm Method 12"

This 12" was another hidden gem in the mid 80's, and not one easily acquired! Although I'm not a fan of much else by this band, this particular extended 12" was something to get excited about. I'm not sure what you'd actually class Fountainhead as, but they seem to fall into a subgenre of industrial, with heavy synth overtones. It ranks up there with all the oddballs tracks of the 80's like 'Baby Judy' and 'Warm Leatherette', though maybe not as abrasive. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think! If you see it kicking about, grab it.. It's worth a few bucks nowadays.

Track 1, Rhythm Method

Track 2, Move On In

Track 3, Take The Blame

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UK Fountainhead Records 1984, 12FTN001

Personal rating 4/5


redoalfo said...

working perfect fot me ,with new server married , jeje,gracias desde EspaƱa.redo.

Len said...

You are a life saver Dude. I haven't heard this song since the days of CFNY back in the mid 80's and I have been looking for this tune for over 10 YEARS. I had the 12" single but it has been misplaced (lost?) Thank-you! Thank you indeed. What a stroke of luck me finding this tune after spending hundreds of hours looking. Can I buy you something?

Dreamwave said...

Beer ;) I love beer :)
You're welcome anyway.

Andy said...

I really, really love this song. so.... I owned 2 copies of this.
I also have the other 12" of this song (The Dance Mix). I first heard the dance mix at my high school dance (CFNY video road show) and it is much harder. This post is a more "electronic" version. If anyone ever see these, grab both copies and play them loud!!!