Monday, January 15, 2007

Breeding Ground - Reunion 12"

In tradition of trying to fill every request that I get (and I do get a lot), here is a listing for a fellow in Calgary, or at least his friend who is from Toronto. Breeding Ground hail from the Toronto area, and are an amazing outfit which had moderate success in Canada. They released one full length LP, Tales Of Adventure, and included 3 tracks which gained noteriety on local airwaves in 'This Time Tomorrow', 'Reunion' and 'Happy Know I Know'. The title track on this ep sounds somewhere between Blue Peter and Chalk Circle, though perhaps more appealing than both. Simply said, Breeding Ground were a band who should have garnered far more attention, but will just be a flicker in the Toronto music scene.

Track 1, Reunion

Track 2, Slaughter

Canadian Fringe Records 1983, FPS 3011

Personal rating 3.5/5


cjkeep said...

What a great blog! Great to see Canadian bands like Breeding Ground and Blue Peter. Unfortunately neither of the links to these records seem to be working--any chance of a repost?

Thanks from London, Ontario!


Dreamwave said...


Links are working on this end, you should see the download button to download it.

cjkeep said...

hi dreamwave,

finally found a computer that would allow me to d/l from the file sharing site you use and glad i did--great to hear all these toronto area bands from the early eighties. i think, however, the names of these breeding ground tracks are transposed, i.e. what is labelled here as "slaughter" is in fact "reunion" and vice versa.

any chance for some Kinetic Ideals?

Dreamwave said...

Hi back. I just rechecked the 12" and behold, the listing as they appear on my 12" are correct. Hrm, this adds some newfound interest to my ep, as perhaps I own a misprint! :))

Kinetic Ideals I don't have, or not to my knowledge. However I think you'll see a few other bands from the Toronto area you might recognize in the near future.

MrKevvy said...

First, immense thanks for posting these rarities. I thought that Reunion was going to be a nightmare to find, but a Google brought me here and there they were!

I think that the track names are reversed, ie that Slaughter is actually Reunion and vice versa. Three things that point me to this conclusion: 1) "Slaughter" is upbeat and "Reunion" is morose, which doesn't seem right, 2) The chorus of "Slaughter" clearly says "Reunion" several times, 3) I think I actually remember "Slaughter" from long ago but not "Reunion" which wouldn't make sense if "Reunion" is the A-side. So I think they're swapped.

Anonymous said...

very useful, thanx a lot for tihs blog ........ This is exactly what I was looking for.

john michelle juan said...

i tried downloading it unfortunately neither of the links to these records seem to be working it says the file is no longer stored on MediaFire--any chance of a repost?

thanks, Manila, Philippines