Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Mighty Lemon Drops - Like An Angel 12"

One of my personal favorite bands in the 80's/90's, but one which wasn't in most people playlists. Like many of their counterparts (Echo & The Bunnymen, Wild Swans ect) they released solid psychedelic infused rock, and gained some notoriety in small circles in the UK. Although I believe these folks were brilliant, they never really caught on despite a barrage of early singles that were quite catchy. The earlier stages of The Mighty Lemon Drops saw them as a raw sounding, almost garage type of band, while later on they turned to a more traditional pop sounds found in the UK at the time. The band release 6 full lengths, but the latter ones were lacking the punch that so endeared me to them in the first place, and is quite possibly why they deteriorated. The most common (and most liked) release is probably World Without End, as this boasted several singles ('Inside Out', 'Fall Down (Like The Rain)') that got some airplay in North America on college radio. If you want to hear what all my fuss is about, grab yourself the 2-in-1 disc with the Happy Head & Out Of Hand albums combined into one disc. These releases show the real raw sound this band had earlier in their career, before overproduction took over. This 12" shows different variations of the songs later released on LP, and I love the raw almost Jesus & Mary Chain noise they have kept in these versions. Give them a listen, and tell me what you think!

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

Track 1, Like An Angel

Track 2, Something Happens

Track 3, Sympathise With Us

UK Dreamworld Records 1985, DREAMWORLD 005

Personal rating 4/5

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your Blog and enjoyed trawling the archives. Desperate for 'White Man's Hut', but it doesn't seem to be working. Any chance of a re-post?


Dreamwave said...


You should find it reuploaded for you. enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, made my day.

tinywhite said...

Just thought i'd drop a link for yourself and any others that are into the shoegaze scene, heres a forum that posts nothing but that stuff, theres plenty of new stuff and loads of rarities by ride, MBV, lush, Chapterhouse etc.
check it out
http://community.livejournal.com/shoegazehookups/ Hope you find something that interests you, just a way of saying thanks for your work here!

jess manuel said...

any chance of posting the ff:
1.boo radleys-bufallo bill
2.boo radleys-alone again or
3.slowdive-spanish air

Dreamwave said...

I'll see what I have here for Boo Radleys. Slowdive will be no problem, keep checking back.