Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Xymox - At The End Of The Day 12"

In 1989, Xymox (aka Clan Of Xymox), had a metamorphosis, and switched their sound from the rich gothic sound that grew them a fan base, to that of electronic infused dreampop. In some cases, this would be a change that would murder a band, but with Xymox is was the logical choice. I do love the older albums, Medusa being one of my favorite releases by any "gothic" band, but this new brand of Xymox was catchier and more appealing to a wider market. Though sales of the album Phoenix did not justify what a great album it is (in comparison to Twist Of Shadows), the album is full of tracks that spill over this lush and dreamy pop. A great example, and one of my personal favorites, is this release in 'At The End Of The Day'. Although the lead off mix of this 12" really!!! sucks, the rest of the 12" is an example of how well Xymox can flick back and forth between sounds (and names). The 'Endless Day Mix' is complete crap for the simple reason that you should not be putting hip-hop sounds in this type of music!! (shoot the person who did this) Once you listen to the 'Hutchinson Remix', you see how this track is supposed to sound. I used to play this frequently when I played in clubs, and it became a fairly requested song. This goes to show, whatever you decide to call yourself, be it Xymox or Clan Of Xymox, it's not really in the name; it's in the quality music you release.

Track 1, At The End Of The Day (Endless Day Mix)

Track 2, At The End Of The Day (7" Remix)

Track 3, At The End Of The Day (Hutchinson Remix)

Track 4, At The End Of The Day (Hutchinson Dub)

Track 5, Dream House

US Wing Records 1991, 867 321-1

Personal rating 4/5

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Mario said...

muchas gracias muy buen single de xymox de los re-buscados. saludos desde Guatemala.!

Mario said...

Excelente _ Single de Ximox muy buenas versiones, excelente estilo de los 80s, saludos amigo