Monday, January 22, 2007

The Lotus Eaters - The First Picture Of You 12"

Initially, The Lotus Eaters were destined for greatness, but ended up to be yet another of those bands who put out a brilliant album and had little to no sales for their efforts. Despite the beautiful single 'The First Picture Of You', sales were pathetic in the UK, but soared in remote places like The Philippines and Japan. This single is one of the most gorgeous songs to come out in the 80's, and had become quite a scarcity to find thanks it's initial poor sales. Sadly, the band only released the one album No Sense Of Sin, and broke up. I offer you a chance to redeem yourselves and fall in love with The Lotus Eaters all over again. I searched out an alternate copy of this single to post on here, as my personal copy was a bit on the noisy side (thanks Mark), and it being such a quiet song it would have been a brutal listen. Please do the band some justice, and go find yourselves a copy of their debut or the BBC sessions LP. It would hardly be a waste of money, as they were quite amazing.

Track 1, The First Picture Of You

Track 2, The Lotus Eaters

Track 3, Stranger So Far

UK Sylvan Records 1983, SYL 121

Personal rating 5/5


Jerry said...

Another interesting band!!! Have you heard" It hurts"?
for some reason one of my favorites tunes very Haunting.

King AdBeck said...

I only recently found out about these guys, though I've been listening to the Wild Swans ever since the days of Sire's Just Say ... compilations. Great band - unfairly lumped in with the New Romantics, their sound was a bit more acoustically-inclined and a bit more varied than most bands of that movement. People who like this should seek out their Set Me Apart 12'', which was brilliant. May have to put some of their stuff up on my own blog soon.

Thanks again,
Adam at Rebeldog

jess manuel said...

hey! they did released another album! 3 years ago if i'm not mistaken. something like 'space between' or whatever. they also did some gigs in the Philippines around 2002.

Tom said...

Silentspace was released in 2002. The line-up was Peter Coyle and Jeremy Kelly who was formerly the guitarist in the Wild Swans.

Andy said...

Wow, I bought the 12" Out On Your Own and 12" Set Me Apart in Cheapies (Toronto) in the 80's just because they looked cool on the cover. No disappointment there. Jerry is right 12" It Hurts is a really cool track that I found in Montreal. Oh, my Happy Dream.......

Anonymous said...

I bought the tape in Italy in 1985 where they did ok ..I started to play it again in England in my old car and you never guess what ,I have just bought the CD..this is how absolutely brilliant...a huge chunk of my life goes along those notes...Marcello