Friday, February 16, 2007

Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder 12"

This is another of those bands that took me ages to get into, and finally they are starting to grow on me. I've been slowly gathering their stuff up when I see it at shows when I visit (and it doesn't appear that frequently over here!). Funnily enough, I was into another extension of Galaxie 500 in the band Luna. I have, and love this earlier works of Luna, and consider them to be excellent releases. So why did I shun Galaxie 500 so much?! I guess back in those days, I was totally transfixed with synthpop and darker sounding goth and industrial, and something of this calibre would have made me felt like I was on Valium. I guess in a sense, you can thank 2 bands for me resurrecting my interest in Galaxie 500: both Slowdive and Mazzy Star. Yes, these were the initial bands that sucked me into the world of the both shoegaze and alt-country alike. So when you see them around, can you thank them for me? Regardless, I do love this EP, and it probably gets somewhat overlooked in my collection from time to time. I figured it did need to get a place on my blog, and heard by other who like me, might have shunned the band or not even heard of them at all. Pay special notice to the cover of Ceremony on here, it's a great homage to New Order.

Track 1, Blue Thunder (with sax)

Track 2, Victory Garden

Track 3, Ceremony

Track 4, Cold Night

Grab the tracks here!

UK Rough Trade Records 1989, M1-329

Personal rating 4/5


Anonymous said...

Great the shoegazing stuff. That you for the music. The background notes are great, too.

George De Large said...

thanks, i'll add you to my links too! i definitely picked this up, i love galaxie