Thursday, February 22, 2007

Various - Europe In The Year Zero EP

Having a friend who is both a collector and seller of fine vinyl can come in handy when you're looking for interesting and odd things to put up on a music blog dedicated to that. I recently scoured his collection to find a few oddities to add here, and voila! Here we have an early 80's synthpop compilation that is quite scarce, and fetches a few bucks on the good ol' Ebay. It cites 3 bands, 2 you probably don't know, and one you surely should. I found it odd that Yazoo would appear on this compilation, but then I don't own a record label do I? The ep is 'ok' at best, Sudeten Creche and Colour Me Pop are as obscure now as the day they started. Yazoo obviously went on to great success in the synthpop world. Is this a great ep to listen to? No. Is it interesting and nostalgic of the era? Very. You be the judge, it's just one of those things that would be very cool to have in your collection.

Track 1, Colour Me Pop - When Sex Was Fun

Track 2, Colour Me Pop - Bikini Trauma

Track 3, Sudeten Creche - Are Kisses Out Of Fashion

Track 4, Sudeten Creche - Dance!

Track 5, Yazoo - Goodbye 70's

UK IKF Records, SPH 1

Personal rating 2/5


Anonymous said...

nice blog this!thanx,come and have a look at mine.lazy

Carlos said...

Thanks a Lot! looking for this very rare material for YEARS! thanks!

Darren said...

any chance of uploading these tracks again.

I'm intrigued by the cover in the post.

Anonymous said...

The cover intriguing?

it was TV in the DDR east Berlin.

What we did was important, huge things came out of it.

Mike is a best selling author after a career in music, Thompson Twins & etc.

Sudeten Creche are still going,

the Chinese Detectives did a good cover of Are Kisses out of Fashion'

Everybody went on to one kind of fame or another.

I'm Yvette Doll, and I moved on to release, do or whatever almost a hundred albums & etc.

"but then I don't own a record label do I?"

I owned a good half-dozen, you wake up, you do records, some are better than others,

I was happy to do that one.


RObert POland said...

Thank You!