Thursday, February 22, 2007

Single Gun Theory - Fall (Remixes) 12"

Another lost gemm hailing from Australia, Single Gun Theory released decent electro-dreampop music that fans of this genre should hear and enjoy. Though they are not more than a footnote on the Nettwerk label, they had a few singles which I thought should have given them some notoriety in the genre. Unfortunately the exposure never really came, and I see their CDs in delete bins everywhere here. It's really a shame to see bands like this end up with The Spice Girls and Brittany Spears, but a good thing for you people who might want to give them a listen to. They do deserve better than the dredge bins, so go now and seek ye a copy of Flow, River Of My Soul, and then you can proceed backwards from this lush sounding electro sound to that of their gothier sounding earlier works. Perhaps this will motivate you to try something other people might not like, but then again who cares, the dredge bins are full of gems that other people didn't like and you will. These mixes are a bit on the dancier side, but are a good listen. Please forgive the odd crackle, it's not the best copy possible.

Track 1, Fall (Abstract Gladiator's Remix)

Track 2, Fall (Voyage To The Bottom Of The Dub Remix)

Track 3, Fall (Instrumental Version)

US Nettwerk Records 1994, Y-58251

Personal rating 3.5/5

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Anonymous said...

Excellent group and worth checking out their albums, still available I believe from the Nettwerk website. The remixes are by members of Apollo 440 and Narcotic Thrust, and are also available on CD single. Also keep an eye out for the single of Motherland which has a great remix of album track Metaphysical, complete with budgie (no, not Kylie!). Nice choice!