Monday, March 05, 2007

The Dylans - Grudge EP

After their brilliant self titled release, The Dylans seemed to fall asleep at the wheel, and released a pile of shite known as Spirit Finger. Though the album does have a few brief glimpses of the former greatness they achieved, it REALLY lacks any sort of punch nor cohesion. The best moments can simply be captured on this ep, with some 'ok' material, and one stellar song that made it's way onto Spirit Finger in 'Wisebird'. This track sounds like an outtake from their debut, and could easily have been fitted in there. So you have to ask, why didn't the band stick to the 60's psych sound that did so well for them in their debut? Why did they decide to put out a somewhat garage rock sounding pile of feces? Well, I have no idea, but it seemed like the thing to do in the early 90's, and many bands fell into this trap. This EP is worth picking up just for the track 'Wisebird', which oddly enough is a track that I often throw on compilations for unsuspecting recipients. The other songs are listenable, and not as bad as the crap on Spirit Finger. Though this isn't probably my favorite post, I felt this track needed a few listens, and didn't want to have to endure listening to the whole Spirit Finger album to get it out here ;) If you really want something good, go buy yourself The Dylans self titled release.

Track 1, Grudge

Track 2, Wisebird

Track 3, Nerve Hutch

Track 4, Particle Ranch

UK Beggars Banquet Records 1993, BBQ 22 CD

Personal rating 2.5/5

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Erik (StillLostNTheNoise from Slsk) said...

Spirit Finger seemed to be the Dylans' version of Amazing Disgrace. After a sunny album like their eponymous album, they seemed to be pissed off at someone. "Godlike" on the first album becomes "Grudge"... What a shame... Because the Dylans was such a classic album.

Dreamwave said...

I 100% agree

.:C├ęsar:.™® said...

thanks, I like this band