Monday, March 05, 2007

The Soup Dragons - Electric Blues EP

The Soup Dragons used to be one of my favorite bands in the late 80's to mid 90's, though at some point or another they kind of lost me. I believe the last thing I paid attention to was Hotwired, and sadly most of the album didn't do it for me. When I look back, and determine what EP I should represent here as a glowing endorsement to this band, I had no problems pulling this EP off the shelf. It's a tad different from the raunchy garage-like style of the 80's, and the punchy dance/baggy riffs of the early 90's, finding itself in more of a blissed-out-chill-out type of release. It's one of those EPS that still sounds good, and doesn't require you to pull out all your 90's garb and try and relive the baggy era. This timeless track could make itself onto any number of chill out comps, and would fit in right nicely there as a glowing reminder that all bands didn't sound the same in the 90's. I would have put my 12" up here, but as you know by previous posts and comment, my house is being renovated, and dust is not the friend of vinyl. So for now, we'll just have a few CD posts. and who knows, I'll probably throw the 12" variation on at a later time.

Track 1, Electric Blues

Track 2, Unearthed

Track 3, Solar Rise

Track 4, Blues

UK Big Life Records 1991, BLR D56

Personal rating 4/5

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