Saturday, April 07, 2007

Talk Talk - History Revisited

With many one-hit-wonders so abundant in the 80's, Talk Talk were a band you could rely upon to deliver a consistently great album. Though their style varied from release to release, the stylish appeal of Mark Hollis never failed to captivate us. Which brings us to this release, History Revisited, which inevitably failed to do more than be a collectible afterthought of a dollar hungry label. It is of little interest to the average fan, albeit something of note to the most serious of Talk Talk fans. The album should be interesting, considering the names involved in the remixes, but really, they are simply boring. The only point for any collector is that this album brought both Talk Talk and EMI into a pissing contest regarding it's existence. The label kindly forgot to ask permission to release the album, and the band (for good reason) took objection and had it removed from record store shelves. The end result is a release that is more collectible than it is a good listen, and only the most die hard of Talk Talk collectors should waste the effort in trying to acquire it. Although if you do wish to have some eye candy in your collection, it's always a nice piece to have, if only for that reason.

Track 1, Living In Another World '91

Track 2, Such A Shame (Gary Miller Remix)

Track 3, Happiness Is Easy (Dub)

Track 4, Today (Gary Miller Remix)

Track 5, Dum Dum Girl (Spice Remix)

Track 6, Life's What You Make It (BBG Remix)

Track 7, Talk Talk (Gary Miller Remix)

Track 8, It's My Life (Tropical Rainforest Mix)

Track 9, Living In Another World (Curious Dub Mix)

Track 10, Life's What You Make It (The Fluke Remix)

Canadian EMI Records 1991, E2 95965

Personal rating 2/5


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Thanks, i like so much this group.

you can find more Talk Talk in (full discografy)

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