Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Wendys - Goobledygook

Another in the long list of bands that failed to achieve anything of success in the UK music scene, but really through no fault of their own. Simply being signed to the wrong label can mean disaster for some bands, as is the case with The Wendys, being signed to Factory Records during the collapse of the label. The unfortunate events at the time of this release gave the album little to no promotion, and basically had the band on the back burner. The sad thing is, the press also touted this album as being fabulous, yet nobody seemed to care! Perhaps having the weakest track on the album as their debut single didn't help either. With all the grunge going's on in the US, the Britpop scene in the UK was in demise, and bands like this barely got the notice they should have. It's just my opinion, but this album should have been one of the great releases in the early 90's, as it it is a very stylish and catchy album for sure (quite possibly because it's produced by Ian Broudie). It would be eight years before we saw a resurgence of The Wendys, releasing Sixfootwingspan in 1999. Pay special attention to 'Pulling My Fingers Off' and 'Half Pie', as these are the absolute cream of the crop on this release.

Track 1, Something's Wrong Somewhere

Track 2, Pulling My Fingers Off

Track 3, Half Blind

Track 4, Suckling

Track 5, Removal

Track 6, Gobbledygook

Track 7, I Want You And I Want Your Friend

Track 8, Soon Is Fine

Track 9, Half Pie

Track 10, I Feel Lovely

Track 11, The Sun's Going To Shine For Me Soon

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

US Eastwest Records 1991, 7 91754-2

Personal rating 4.5/5


Mississauga Stew said...

Look's interesting, but it doesn't want to unzip. Tried it twice. First time got two songs. Second time I got nothing.

Just letting you know. LOVE the blog, man.

Dreamwave said...

Are you on a Mac by chance? Seems most Mac users have problems with these zips.

PapayaSF said...

OS X's Finder's Zip capability doesn't extend to password-protected .zip files, but you can unzip them via the command line in Terminal, because it prompts you for a password (if needed).

Anonymous said...

i have a problem with track 1,2,9,10,11 ! : CRC failed in the encrypted file The Wendy's - 02 - Pulling My Fingers Off.mp3 (wrong password ?).. please help...thanks

mississsauga stew said...

Yes, I'm on a Mac. Have been for 8 years. I know anything about Terminal. Stuffit does nothing. This only happens with a few of your files. Catherine Wheel for example.

No big deal. You da man.

Anonymous said...

luv this band. actually got lumped in w/ the whole baggy/madchester thing.

Dreamwave said...

So, since I have no idea about Mac's, is ther an easier way for a Mac user to unzip these, or another program I can use to zip them that won't affect PC users?

Trying to get a handle on this asap, bare with me folks

PapayaSF said...

For OS X users:

1. Take the file (for this example we'll call it "archive.zip") and put it in your User folder.
2. Go to Applications -> Utilities.
3. Open Terminal.
4. At the prompt, type:

unzip archive.zip

and hit return.

5. If a password is needed, it will stop and ask for one. If so, type or paste it in.
6. There is no step 6.

mississauga stew said...

Thanks for your time, PapayaSF, but I'm feeling too
'blonde' to figure that out.

I did a search for my 'User' folder & I don't know. Which one?

PapayaSF said...

On your desktop is a hard drive icon (usually called "Macintosh HD"), and inside you'll see some folders called Applications, Library, System, and Users. Inside Users should be one with your name on it (assuming you set up and registered the computer when it was new). That's your User folder. Inside it should be folders for Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, etc.

It's easiest to put the file there because that way you don't have to type a path to the file you want to unzip.

Anonymous said...

i have the exact same problem with this particular zip file, and personally use a windows based pc. the file only extracts 2 of the tracks before saying it's screwed. all the other files on your blog i've chored have been fine. great site by the way chief. nice to hear some of this stuff again now i'm a 'foreigner'! thanks man.

King AdBeck said...

Same problem here, using a PC with Windows. Only other files I couldn't open were Slowdive 5 Ep and the Adorable Sistine-Chapel from way-back-when. But, whaddya gonna do? Just be cool and say, "Thank you for all the great music, PWEMB!"

Anonymous said...

I too am having trouble with the file and also on a mac, I have unzip and only get one file, trued terminal same thing. Seems it may be a bad zip can you please try rezipping or rar is better.


Dreamwave said...

Meh, I'll have to redo this sometime to day then... which other ones are still NOT working?

And does the fact I'm using Winrar for zipping have anything to do with this problem?

Dreamwave said...

Currently rezipping the Wendys album and sending it up, please let me know if it works in a lil bit.

Thanks, and sorry for the complications!

Dreamwave said...

Just a reply to a comment, tried using Rar, but people were unable to open them, same problem.

mississauga stew said...

Working and sounding great, here. You're way too good to us, man.

Anonymous said...

Work this time...Thanks and love your blog and canadian bands!!

Dreamwave said...

Just a thought, you 'anonymous folks should register and get a name, so then we know who you are ;)

Jerry said...

The Wendy's are now unziping properly. I too have had intermitant problems unziping files. For my Mac brethern You can download a free version of Stuffit Expander (there is a windows version too). Drop the Icon on your dock and when a PWEMB file is left on your desktop un-opened drag it to the stuffit Icon and drop it, then enter password when prompted to open file. The free version is available here. Totally free and a long time Mac company so they are safe and secure.


Once again thanks to Dreamwave for all the new interesting and old flashback music, Also thanks for making the covers the right size for dropping into Itunes

mp3hugger said...

I have had a Wendy's song going around my head for years so am praying this will release it. Very impressive blog, must of a similiar age as lots of these bands bring back so many happy memories.