Monday, May 21, 2007

Bethany Curve - You Brought Us Here

To relive what is considered a musical style that died in the mid 90's with bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Ride, consider for a moment the bands that still keep the sound alive and vibrant. One of the premiere bands to date is Bethany Curve, who have delivered five solid albums of blissful, ethereal music. The best to date, You Brought Us Here, is an exceptional rebirth of the legendary shoegaze sound, while oozing a dark aura that makes your spine tingle with ecstasy. While the band has undergone several line shuffles, I'm sure they will remain true to the cause, in bringing fans the same brand of perfect 'gaze' we have come to love. I only wish these Californians would tour a little more, and come up to the great white north. I think Toronto would be more then ready to embrace the dark vibes for a few hours. If you're reading this guys, that's a hint by the way!

Track 1, Long Beach

Track 2, Ann Illusion

Track 3, Silver

Track 4, The Guarantee

Track 5, I'm Tired Gone

Track 6, The Fire

Track 7, Summer Left Me

Track 8, Airplanes Down

Track 9, The Lodge

Grab the tracks here!

US Unit Circle Rekkids 2001, TUC074

Personal rating 5/5


.:C├ęsar:.™® said...

thanks, great post.


Kon said...

Never had a chance listen to any of Bethany's albums, simply because I have never owned one. The music on the one you posted is absolutely terrific!