Monday, May 21, 2007

Emiliana Torrini - Love In The Time Of Science

Emiliana Torrini might not be an everyday name in music, but her whispery vocals surly will implant themselves on your mind. Born of Icelandic and Italian decent, she captures the essence of Kate Bush, and the stylish musical tastes of Bjork. Rumor has it that when the Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson came calling for a singer, Bjork was unavailable. It seems that the beautiful vocals of one Emiliana Torrini captured his attention, and thus gave the green light for her to sing the closing track for the Two Towers movie. I'm sure any fan of Bjork will find similarities in the vocal ranges, and perhaps even the music itself. The album itself is a brilliant listen overall, and one you will find yourself seeking out after this preview. Hopefully more music of this style continues to pour out of the small volcanic island known as Iceland, for they sure have a knack of birthing beautiful and captivating music.

Track 1, To Be Free

Track 2, Wednesday's Child

Track 3, Baby Blue

Track 4, Dead Things

Track 5, Unemployed In Summertime

Track 6, Easy

Track 7, Fingertips

Track 8, Telepathy

Track 9, Tuna Fish

Track 10, Summerbreeze

Track 11, Sea People

Grab the tracks here!

US One Little Indian Records 1999, 7243 8 48352 2 4

Personal rating 4.5/5

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