Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

Well, I'll say this first off: The Cure were not one of my favorite bands. Yes, that's right, I rarely liked them. Ok, so they have the occasional song I admire, and do admire what they did for music, but overall I found them annoying. Oddly enough I love The Smiths... isn't that ironic? I will probably get slaughtered for what I just said, as I'm sure flocks of Cure fans are out there clutching their Robert Smith records like they were gold. I actually only own a few of their items, and that will reflect in my posts probably. I actually had to borrow this 12" from a mate of mine to be able to fill a request for someone who asked a long time ago (sorry for the delay). Perhaps, for me, it was just the separation of musical tastes back then, and I went down the opposite path. I think I was more apt to buy synthpop records than Cure records. Oh well, as long as somebody enjoys this 12", as to me it's 'just not bad'. I'd rather be listening to The Stranglers, Magazine or Wire.

Track 1, Boys Don't Cry (Extended Dance Version)

Track 2, Pillbox Tales

Track 3, Do The Hansa

Grab the tracks here!

UK Fiction Records 1986, FICS X 24

Personal rating 2.5/5


Kon said...

Thanks for this post!I am actually one of these guys from The Cure flock you had mentioned ;-)However, IMHO Pillbox tales and Do the Hansa are really dreadful songs...and basically only Boys don't cry remix is worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

excellent remixs